Spam Master

Ultimate Spam Protection

Spam Master is the ultimate spam protection for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Universal API registrations, comments, logins, contact forms, subscriptions, checkout orders, bookings, etc.

Spam Master is also packed with Firewall technology and uses Real Time anti-spam lists. Fast loading, Spam Master is modular… it only loads what is needed to keep your website secure and clean.


Spam Master munches, feeds and grows on spam ip’s, emails, domains and words. One of the top 5 world-wide, real-time spam databases. Watch the number below grow daily by the hundreds, Spam Master currently protects against:


Million Threats


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Real Time Block Lists

Spam Master scans logins, registrations, comments, contacts, page hits and activity via proprietary online real time block lists servers with millions of threats already listed and constantly being maintained and updated.


Spam Learning

Spam Master comes packed with automated Spam Learning function that will make your website a fighting spam enforcer by providing registration ip’s and emails for analysis and spam lists inclusion.


Spam Firewall

With the Firewall technology, Spam Master blocks malicious activity before it even reaches your website. By activating Spam Master Firewall your website automatically gets protected against dangerous exploits like HTTP and HTTPS DDoS (denial-of-service), SQL, brute force attacks and injections and many others that made it through the HTTP or HTTPS.


Spam Buffer

Buffer technology greatly reduces server resources like cpu, memory and bandwidth by doing fast local machine checks. Also prevents major attacks like flooding, DoS , etc. via Spam Master Firewall.


Whitelist Exemptions

Spam Buffer Whitelisting excludes spam checks from safe Emails or Ip’s, it also removes these safe Emails and Ip’s from your local Spam Buffer.

Alert Level

Threat Alert Level

Automatically displays your website spam & threat alert levels. It’s an easy and interactive way for you to know if your website is being targeted by spammers and the level of intensity or danger of this targeting. The update is done daily and automatically via RBL (real-time blacklist) servers sync. The alert levels range from 0 (low) to 3 (high) intensities.


Spam Threats Probability

In conjunction with the Alert Level, Spam Master advanced detection heuristic analytics will provide you with an approximated percentage of all dangerous activity in your website. The percentage can range from 0 to thousands according to the spam activity on your website. The lower the number, the better.

Free Trial

Get a Free Trial

Give it a go. Complete the registration and activate your account, free trial license will be emailed to your registration email.


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