Spam Master API

Spam Master provides professional integration API solution for any software, hardware, forum, blog, application, etc.

Spam Master munches, feeds and grows on spam ip’s, emails, domains and words. One of the top 5 world-wide, real-time spam databases. Watch that number grow daily by the hundreds, Spam Master currently protects against:


Million Threats


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API Features

Implementation via JSON, XML or HTML

You can implement the API easily and reliably via json.

The request is constructed with our api server address via secure SSL connection with 1 mandatory field, the api key. Extra optional fields to be scanned are added individually to the request (remote ip to scan, email, text / words). Our api server will respond to the origin address with the detected threat in case of positive hit. If no threat is detected, the api server will have an empty response.

Other sub-scans are performed automatically by Spam Master API, example the remote ip is scanned within known ip ranges, the email is scanned for known domains, text is scanned for key words and other spam heuristics.

Example short mandatory request to test the license, no threat scan included

Should produce an empty page or empty response if license is ok. Else it will display the license error.


Example optional remote ip threat scan request



Example optional email threat scan request



Example optional text threat scan request



Example full optional threat scan request


Spam Master API Test.

Practical example using cURL and POST method

// setup the URL
$url = 'https://spammaster.techgasp.com/api/json.php';

//construct data to be scanned. The API “Key” is mandatory. “Ip”, “Email” and “Text” are optional.
$data = array(
'key' => "My_API_key",
'ip' => "",
'email' => "spammer@this.nastyemail.com",
'text' => "Have you ever wanted to work from home or just top up your earnings ? This tried and tested system teaches you how you can make a small fortune from the comfort of your own home."

$data = http_build_query($data);

// initialize the request
$ch = curl_init($url);

curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POST, 1);
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, $data);
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);

$result = curl_exec($ch);

// close the request

// returns the result of the scan
return $result;

Examples of positive threat hit result

Examples of result errors

Practical example decoding the above JSON result

$data = json_decode( $result, true );

// result was empty, Spam Master cleared the scan. You can add code here if needed.
// Spam detected and passed into $spam_threat variable. The $data[‘threat’] can be an ip, email or heuristics.
$spam_threat = $data['threat'];

API Pricing

Take a look to see if an integration already exists for your Software / Hardware, existing integrations have a cheap yearly license. If not, do your own integration and get support and sponsorship by TechGasp.

Checks limit per month $ Cost per month
billed annually
5.000 free -> ask and you shall receive
10.000 $8.00
50.000 $11.00
100.000 $20.00
250.000 $33.00
500.000 $58.00
750.000 $75.00
1.000.000 $83.00
2.000.000 $150.00
5.000.000 $200.00
30.000.000 $1.990.00

Get it now!

Spam Master API costs peanuts per month, get a API License


Every check may contain several variables like ip, email, domain or word. All these optional variables are calculated as a single check = 1 count. Awesome!
Example, if a user posts a comment and your single check contains the scan of the ip, email, domain and comment words, it’s calculated as a single check = 1 count.

How do we monitor the count?
Via your purchased license of Spam Master API that must be included in every single API check, this means you can use your license in any or several hardware’s like routers or physical firewalls, servers & web-servers, sofwares, forums, applications, etc. without limitations. All the different usage of the API will count to your license limits.